Susan Hotchkis "Rust-rose" (detail) 2016

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Friday Fibers Roundup: Warp & Weft

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup is for all our weavers out there–with articles ranging from traditional to contemporary practices, processes, and political statements. 1) “The History of Ikat” by Anna Hoffman expores the trendiness and history of ikat and its origins from Southeast Asia, to South America, to the Middle East and beyond (via Apartment

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“Veiled Meanings” at the Jewish Museum

Veiled Meanings: Fashioning Jewish Dress at the Jewish Museum (NYC) is the first ever comprehensive US exhibition of Jewish dress, drawn from The Israel Museum’s (Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem, Israel) renowned collection. The exhibition opens Friday, November 3rd and features over 100 articles of clothing ranging from the 18th to 20th centuries. Displayed either as complete

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Friday Fibers Roundup: Geometry (Nature + Tech)

This week’s Friday Fibers Roundup features a mix of artists, exhibitions, and projects that deal with patterns and geometry in either natural or high-tech ways. 1) MIT Media Lab’s Tangible Media Group has created a system to fold materials into various origami shapes when inflated, turning specifically designed paper, plastic, and fabric into representations of

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