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Immerse Yourself In Socially Engaged Art Practices @Made/Aware

by NewsBlog Editor Leesa Hubbell

You’ll want to register now – whether or not your art practice embraces social issues – to be in the company of these paradigm-shifting Made/Aware presenters & program at Arrowmont in October. Be counted among the movers, shakers & makers who use their work to “be the change” they want to see in the world…

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In Memoriam: Stephen Blumrich, SDA Founding Father

by NewsBlog Editor

Stephen Blumrich volunteered to be on the “newsletter committee” of the fledgling Surface Design Association in 1976. His guidance as first managing editor – then editor until 1988 – put Surface Design Journal on the path to becoming the thought leader in textile arts magazines that it is today. Find out more about his work and unique contribution to early SDA history in this exclusive tribute.

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Festival of Silk Painters Raises Hail in Santa Fe

by Muffy Clark Gill

Silk Painters International (SPIN) 2014 biannual conference in Santa Fe (NM) started with freakish weather during Jane Dunnewold’s keynote and ended with an Elvis impersonator. In between, there were talks, an abundance of workshops and exhibitions – plus a fashion show. Let batik artist Muffy Clark Gill take you there!

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Woven Community: An Invitation To Work Shoulder-to-Shoulder

by Andrea Vail

Andrea Vail creates community weaving events where people arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Hands working together untangle social tension as diverse participants – who might not otherwise meet – sit side by side to make something remarkable. Find out how these socially-engaged art events evolved. Take part in her next one at SDA’s Made/Aware conference at Arrowmont in October!

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A Contemporary French Textile Odyssey

by Barbara Shapiro

Let artist Barbara Shapiro take you along on her recent search for the pulse of contemporary French textile arts. Get hots tips for planning your own Francophile textile travel while getting an overview of the who’s who in French fiber via this stunning photo essay – exclusively for SDA NewsBlog.

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“Unweavings” Interweave Culture, Spirit, Loss, Hope

by Laurie Wohl

SDA member Laurie Wohl won an SDA Personal Development Grant for travel to Spain to explore the intersections of Jewish, Christian and Islamic culture that inform her work. See that work – and the signature (and trademarked!) mixed media process she calls “unweaving” – in this exclusive story in her own words.

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Pierotti Lumi Inkodye product shot

Inkodye + Me: A Love Affair With Transparency

by Ray Pierotti

Back in the 1980s, artist/composer Ray Pierotti met and fell in love with Inkodye for the way it rendered transparency in his sound-inspired work. Through thick and thin (and a recent name change to Lumi/Inkodye), he’s become a master at manipulating its special effects. Let his ethereal, soulful work compel you to explore this unique solar-powered dye yourself….

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DC’s Textile Museum Finds New Home at GWU

by Candace Edgerley

At almost 100 years old, the Textile Museum in Washington DC has a new home on the campus of George Washington University! If you couldn’t be there for the gala opening, let former SDA President Candace Edgerley show you the many splendors of the new facility and inaugural exhibition. You’ll want to add a visit there to your plans for textile travel…

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Textile Center Library: Check It Out!

by Margaret Miller

Want easy access to outstanding information on fashion & textile arts? You don’t have to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota to take advantage of the Textile Center Library. With 27,000 fiber-focused books + 40 periodical subscriptions, this library was included in American Craft Council’s 10 Must-See Craft Resource Collections. Find out how you can take advantage of this rich resource, here.

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