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In Praise of Waxy Build-Up: Encaustic on The Cape 2014

by Marci Rae McDade

Mixed-media makers who use encaustic techniques are so numerous – and enamored of wax – that they gather annually in Massachusetts to learn more. Marci McDade waxes lyrical as she takes you inside 2014’s confab to lift the lid on the liquid and luminous qualities of working with this hot medium.

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In Search of Textile Arts at College Art Association

by Marci Rae McDade

Let SDA Journal Editor Marci McDade take you inside a College Art Association conference via her recent mission to evaluate the visibility of textile arts at the 2014 meeting. Get her informed overview of the resources and range of presentations on offer at this annual event for arts educators.

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Jane Dunnewold Steps Down as SDA President

by Jeanne Beck

Incoming SDA President Jeanne Beck gives a general overview of artist, author and educator Jane Dunnewold’s thoughtful and decisive tenure and service as SDA President from April 2012 through June 2014.

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Burning Man: An Artist’s Experience

by Cameron Anne Mason

60 mph winds that swirl dust around the Burning Man festival each year make a harsh environment for textile arts. But Cameron Mason was unfazed when the 2014 “Caravansary” theme incited her to collaborate on an installation of glowing banners based on designs from ancient Silk Road cultures. Let her photo essay take you there…

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Get Surface Imaging MS Degree at Philadelphia U

by Hitoshi Ujiie

Get state-of-the-art training – ahead of the pack – in this new Masters program in Surface Imaging at Philadelphia University (PA). Let program mastermind and designer Hitoshi Ujiie show you around the leading-edge facilities and on-going evolution in this new field – which includes laser cutting as well as 3-D printing processes. An SDA NewsBlog exclusive!

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Shop Talk: How Encaustic Heat & Wax Transformed My Creative Process

by Paula Roland

Encaustic is HOT. If you’ve been curious about trying this waxy medium – which is often combined with textiles – find out how it transformed Paula Roland’s art practice and career. If you’re already using it, get inspired by her work and the tools she’s invented to make it. It’s all here.

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Bruning Watermark Composite

Watermark Your Images To Protect Your Work Online

by Lynne Bruning

Unless you watermark the images you upload to the Wild West of the World Wide Web, your work may be spread far and wide – without giving you the credit. Digital diva Lynne Bruning tells how easy it is to add your mark via free apps and available tools. Just do it!

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Slow Fiber Studios Tour Gives Insider Access to Japanese Textile Arts

by Barbara Shapiro

Love Japanese textiles? Artist and independent scholar Yoshiko Wada’s annual tours of Japan give you access to textile arts in studios, homes, galleries and museums that you’d never see without her special connections – built over a lifetime of research and advocacy. Barbara Shapiro shares highlights from the 2014 trip.

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“Dyeing Alchemy” Enhances Procion MX Dyeing Process

by Diane Franklin

Ever intimidated by the complex math involved in dyeing fabric by weight to get consistent – and reproducible – results? Let dyeing alchemist Diane Franklin’s 2-part eBook wipe away those fears with her unique approach that lets worksheets do the calculations for you. Take your mastery of color to a new level with this comprehensive new resource.

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