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“Materialities” Exhibition + Catalog Showcases Strength & Scope of Members’ Work

by NewsBlog Editor Leesa Hubbell

“Materialities: Contemporary Textile Arts” juried exhibition of SDA members’ work is on view at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts through 10/31/15 or via a special edition print catalog. View installation shots and award winners of this unprecedented benefit of membership plus link for ordering your own catalog to savor or give.

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Woven Community: An Invitation To Work Shoulder-to-Shoulder

by Andrea Vail

Andrea Vail creates community weaving events where people arrive as strangers and leave as friends. Hands working together untangle social tension as diverse participants – who might not otherwise meet – sit side by side to make something remarkable. Find out how these socially-engaged art events evolved. Take part in her next one at SDA’s Made/Aware conference at Arrowmont in October!

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Immerse Yourself In Socially Engaged Art Practices @Made/Aware

by NewsBlog Editor Leesa Hubbell

You’ll want to register now – whether or not your art practice embraces social issues – to be in the company of these paradigm-shifting Made/Aware presenters & program at Arrowmont in October. Be counted among the movers, shakers & makers who use their work to “be the change” they want to see in the world…

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NYC’s Best Annual Fashion Conference

by NewsBlog Editor Leesa Hubbell

If you are – or aspire to be – among the fashion cognoscenti, you’ll want this annual fashion conference on your radar. Held every November in New York City, Initiatives in Art & Culture presents the who’s-who and what’s-what of the latest fashion culture trends & ideas. Hear and meet iconic designers, authors, curators, retailers, filmmakers & thinkers. This event is not to be missed!

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MadeAware Frau Fiber LM Wood

Why I Made Time to Get Made/Aware

by Tamryn McDermott

Whether or not you were able to attend, get an overview of some hot spots & highlights of “Made/Aware: Socially Engaged Art” – Surface Design Associaton’s 1st Craft + Concept Intensive held at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in October 2015. Emerging artist, educator (and 2nd generation SDA member!) Tamryn McDermott shares her play-by-play experience here.

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Mending Gold in the Balkans

by Brooks Harris Stevens

Brooks Harris Stevens uses the universally acknowledged value of gold – in the form of thread – to stitch healing energy into buildings and cultures. Marvel at these 2 recent installations where she mended the built environment to build awareness about the value of progress in post-communist Albania & recession-ravaged Romania, while simultaneously stretching the boundaries of the fiber medium.

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2015 Textile Books for NewsBlog

20 Textile/Art Books to Give & Get (2015)

by NewsBlog Editor Leesa Hubbell

With so much of our time spent looking at screens, who doesn’t relish the hands-on experience of a good book full of inspiring images and words – bound in paper fiber? Find 20 such books on textiles and art here, all published in 2015, to give or get for that delightful analog joy. Purchase them through Amazon.com’s philanthropic programs to generate a donation to support SDA – at no cost to you.

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New on DVD: Study Itajime Shibori With Ana Lisa Hedstrom

by Ana Lisa Hedstrom

Ever tried itajime? Let shibori artist Ana Lisa Hedstrom show you the history, process – plus contemporary adaptations – of this time-honored resist technique that uses folding, clamping and dyeing to create stunning pattern on cloth and other substrates. The only limits are your imagination! Learn this compelling process from a master via this 2nd in her series of shibori DVDs.

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What Does 3D Printing Have To Do With Fiber Art?

by Leisa Rich

We’ve all been hearing about 3D printing – but what’s it got to do with makers working in fiber media? SDA Member Leisa Rich has a sixth sense for what’s coming next and has been exploring that connection for several years. Let her take you to one of the frontiers of fiber, here!

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