Fafnir Adamites 2020, "Insight that Accrues" (detail)

Equity, Access, & Integration

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Mission & Members
About Our Name
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SDA’s Equity, Access and Integration Committee (EAI) exists to hold space for and amplify the voices of historically underrepresented communities in the fiber and textile world. It is an indelible response to systematic injustices of all kinds including racial, gender and ability-based discrimination. Members of this committee take on the responsibility to keep SDA and its community members committed to and accountable for achieving this goal. This work will help build an inclusive, empowered community of artists and leaders enriched in the field of textile and fiber art as a whole.

Committee Members

  • Fafnir Adamites (they/them), co-chair
  • Yvonne Osei (she/hers), co-chair
  • Karen Baker (she/hers)
  • Jennifer Lee-Morrow (she/hers)
  • Crystal Van Dee (she/hers)


  • Making space for and ensuring the success of leaders of color and those from underrepresented communities within our organization
  • Raising the visibility of fiber and textile artists from underrepresented communities in the contemporary art world.
  • Promoting critical dialogue and engagement around textile and fiber art rooted in global and inclusive initiatives.
  • Identifying and ensuring opportunities for learning/unlearning and meaningful collaborations across all cultures, races, genders and abilities.
  • Ensuring personal and collective work toward a deeper understanding of equity and inclusion through workshops, training, surveys, spotlights and others.
  • Keeping SDA accountable to prioritize underserved communities in accessing paid opportunities including guest jurors, curators, speakers, workshop instructors and writers.

About Our Name

In many contexts, “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees” are established in order to placate underrepresented communities within an institution and temporarily address issues around discrimination and inequity. In some cases, these committees act as a band aid, and are set up in organizations with systems that are not truly invested in this mission.

In an effort to upend the typical associations with “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”, we have chosen the name  Equity, Access and Integration Committee. Let’s face it, diversity already exists but it is the integration that lacks. We choose to liberate a colonized term, in effect allowing for fresher approaches toward the proper integration of diverse people and freeing this committee from carrying the burden of association with a term that, in some cases, serves as mere lip-service and cover-ups. We envision this committee as vital, effective, long-lasting and ultimately as a call to action. It is not just about the work we will do as a unified committee of Board Members and Community Members, but also the expectations that we will set for our community as a whole.

 EAI Events & Opportunities


Send any questions to eai@surfacedesign.org