Wheel of Wonder, 2023, Christine K. Miller

Life-Lines — SDA's Fall 2023 Selections Online Exhibition


A male-presenting figure holds a small, roughly, doughnut shaped object up to the camera. Their right eye is visible through the object. The figure has light skin, dark hair, and brown eyes. They wear a dark gray tshirt and a brown beanie hat.

Sébastien Carré (he/him) is a jewelry artist and curator based in Strasbourg, France. After obtaining his higher diploma in plastic arts at the Higher School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg, Sébastien won several awards and distinctions and also started to work as a curator. His work has been presented in more than 110 exhibitions in Europe, the United States and Asia.

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Starting this online exhibition with Wheel of Wonder seems important. This work prompts us to think about what is happening in the world and not rush our feelings. Putting effort into changing our own points of view and accepting those of others might be our best option to avoid falling into hate and division, so that we can act for the greater good.

The textile techniques represented in this exhibition require time to create which allows the artists space to reflect. For some artists featured in this show their work is a reflection of themselves, is about the process of self-improvement, faces their own past, or deals with a current situation. Some artists represent themselves by creating an ode to the nature that surrounds them or by expressing the damage we are all creating through pollution and overconsumption.

Textiles are used here to speak about the violence to which women are all too often exposed: using the visual language of softness and comfort to make a poetic portrait of a friend who is a survivor, or to facilitate creating as a group.

Sometimes images must be strong and raw. Take for example, the image of Ayan Kurdi the Syrian child who drowned in the Mediterranean sea many years ago. This image touches many topics and can be seen as representative of the show as a whole. What was he trying to escape? Was it danger due to politics, to terror, to climate change that makes living in some parts of the world impossible without water or food? This image also prompts us to think about the inaction and silence surrounding issues our world faces.

Finally, art can help us deal with grief by representing memories of a lost one: a special moment spent with this person, a final image of them, or just taking the time to create as a practice of healing and acceptance.

I invite you to closely read the artistic statements that accompany these works as they were essential in my selection process. Let’s take time…breathe…and hope for a better future all together. —Sébastien Carré, Strasbourg, France



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