My Stitched Spine

My Stitched Spine

Artist: Sharon Webster

Title: My Stitched Spine

Attribution: My Stitched Spine, 2020, Sharon Webster

Year: 2020

Materials: laminated x-ray, cords, threads on painted wood

Dimensions: 18 in x 31 in

Image Statement: My Stitched Spine is a meditation on both the vulnerability and the durability of the human body. In it, I go through a transition from perceived weakness – to a place of strength. The piece is one of seven altered x-rays that addresses various joint deterioration and pain. Looking at my x-rays, I found much healthy engineering that was organic and fascinating, along with the abnormalities. Through the slow process of making My Stitched Spine, I imagined healing and agency. The curved column of bones became a totem of strength. My hope is that it is a metaphor for many kinds of transitions and transformation. 802 503.5534