The Tribe

The Tribe

Artist: Nancy Monson

Title: The Tribe

Attribution: The Tribe, 2016, Nancy Monson

Year: 2016

Materials: Cotton, silk, felted mulberry paper (Joomchi), silk yarn, seed beads, metal, dissolvable stabilizer

Dimensions: 15” x 10” x 5”

Image Statement: I created this series of three fiber vessels to represent myself and two other fiber artists who together formed “The Tribe.” I tried to capture the essence of each of the three of us in the vessels—Suzi, an earthy weaver without pretense (the green, raw-edged vessel), Kat, a young woman who loves to knit (the fuzzy vessel to the left), and myself, the whimsical colorist (the middle Joomchi-ed vessel). This small tribe has offered me great support and inspiration, and I wanted to honor the role of the group in my creative life.