Ode to Sylvia

Ode to Sylvia

Artist: Loretta Faveri

Title: Ode to Sylvia

Attribution: Ode to Sylvia

Year: 2023

Materials: handmade papers

Dimensions: 40"x40"x4"

Image Statement: My aunt was a weaver, bookbinder and papermaker. Before she died, she gave me a large collection of her handmade papers. To honour her memory, I’ve used these papers to build and stitch her likeness in four portraits, eight including the shadows they cast. They are inspired by Andy Warhol’s screen prints of famous women. Family members sent me stories, words and phrases in her memory and I have torn and stitched them into the background of each tapestry. One tapestry now resides in my mother’s home. The other three are with my aunt’s children and serve as a reminder of her legacy.