Anna Wagner-Ott, “Breaking Free”

Anna Wagner-Ott, “Breaking Free”

Artist: Anna Wagner-Ott

Title: Anna Wagner-Ott, “Breaking Free”

Attribution: Anna Wagner-Ott, “Breaking Free”, 2023

Year: 2023

Materials: Tyvek, threads, masking tape and acrylic paint on a wooden hoop.

Dimensions: 18" x 20"

Image Statement: The concept of masks and their multifaceted symbolic meanings has been a rich exploration for artists. Artists have skillfully employed masks for festivals and in theatre performances, and others have explored the idea of “unmasking” as a potent lens to scrutinize the intricate tapestry of human nature, societal expectations, and the perennial struggle for authenticity and individuality. Masks are often intrinsically linked to the art of concealing one's true self or emotions. They serve as a refuge for people seeking to shield vulnerabilities, fears, or authentic feelings from the scrutiny of others, effectively constructing a protective facade.