Generosi-tea: Self-Portrait as Teapot

Generosi-tea: Self-Portrait as Teapot

Artist: Kimberley Harding

Title: Generosi-tea: Self-Portrait as Teapot

Attribution: Kimberley Harding

Year: 2023

Materials: things given to me: linen napkins, pearl buttons, lace trim, canvas, wire; other things: fiberfill, thread, crochet thread, muslin, interfacing, cardboard

Dimensions: 9” h x 17” w x 8” d

Image Statement: A person of generous proportions, I like to think I also have a generous nature. Those who give frequently receive, as I have from friends, family, and colleagues. The contributed linen napkins I used in this sculpture tell their own stories of generosity – of dinner parties and holiday gatherings – in the stains and signs of wear. Sitting down for tea with a friend is a ritual of generosity I love to perform.