And Now We are Mommies

And Now We are Mommies

Artist: Eileen Hoffman

Title: And Now We are Mommies

Attribution: And Now We are Mommies, 2022, Eileen Hoffman

Year: 2022

Materials: acrylic paint & pen on dura-lar, chenille stems

Dimensions: 58"h x 175"w x 6"d

Image Statement: The piece "And Now We Are Mommies" is in response to the Roe v. Wade ruling from the Supreme Court in 2022. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and my mother both attended Columbia Law School and graduated ten years apart. They worked together at the Rutgers Law School, where Ruth Bader Ginsberg taught and my mother served as the assistant dean. I decided to use quotes from Ruth Bader Ginsburg for the works in this piece because of this personal connection.