Cool. But do you have a nice body?

Cool. But do you have a nice body?

Artist: Sarah Blanchette

Title: Cool. But do you have a nice body?

Attribution: Cool. But do you have a nice body?, 2017, Sarah C. Blanchette

Year: 2017

Materials: Digital Self Portrait and Wood Paneling Images printed on coated fabric.

Dimensions: Size shown: 7'x13'x1’ Full size (not shown): 7'x17'x1’

Image Statement: Developing as a teen girl on the internet sets the stage for damaging interactions. Hidden under the veil of anonymous texting apps and social media platforms, the opportunity for unwanted exposure to predatory figures is inevitable. As teen girls seek positive reinforcement to soothe growing self-perception, communication with men can bring up deep seated misconceptions about womanhood. As the fragmented woman develops, she discovers that the plasticity of girlhood was not made to be stretched this far. Property of the Julia Reyes Taubman and Robert Taubman Estate.