Fade Far Away

Fade Far Away

Artist: Joanna Rogers

Title: Fade Far Away

Attribution: Fade Far Away. 2022. Joanna Rogers

Year: 2022

Materials: Mercerized cotton and silk

Dimensions: 18" x 15'

Image Statement: This is one of ten weavings which comprise The Chorus. The warp and tabby weft are dyed with madder, cochineal and quebracho while the pattern weft is dyed with weld, sappanwood, pomegranate and myrobalan. Each weaving in The Chorus contains a message in morse code which is woven into the structure of the piece using a traditional summer and winter pattern. This piece contains the message Fade Far Away from the poem Ode To A Nightingale by Keats. The phrases I have chosen to weave in this series are all exhortations our endangered species could be silently screaming as they go extinct.