Incompatible Discord

Incompatible Discord

Artist: Rebecca McGee Tuck

Title: Incompatible Discord

Attribution: Incompatible Discord, 2021, Rebecca McGee Tuck

Year: 2021

Materials: found objects and sea debris

Dimensions: 90"x18"x2"

Image Statement: I walk the wrackline of the Massachusetts coastline, collecting debris. With each bag of marine trash that I bring home, I feel the precarious weight of the impact of pollution in the ocean. Every time I set out for these wrack line walks, I am faced directly with the dark reality of man made objects that clutter, tangle and threaten sea life. With my work I hope to raise awareness to the constant misuse of the ocean’s ecosystem by transforming pieces of sea debris into works of art and symbols of hope-- calling attention to the consequences of poisoning our oceans and encouraging a new commitment to action!