Monocle – Headwear Sculptures

Monocle – Headwear Sculptures

Artist: Jodi Colella

Title: Monocle – Headwear Sculptures

Attribution: Monocle - Headwear

Year: 2020

Materials: Millinery straw, cotton thread, kid mohair, buckram support

Dimensions: 18x12x11 in.

Image Statement: Headwear has long played a role in indicating the class, status and occupation of the wearer - enforcing conformity and erasing individuality. From the 18th century poke bonnet which restricted women's field of vision, to today's hijab, women in particular have been subjugated to fashion dictates and social norms. Colella's headwear sculptures become a vehicle for a subversive coded language which addresses the play between women's visibility and invisibility.