Artist: Holly Wong

Title: She

Attribution: She, 2020, Holly Wong

Year: 2020

Materials: Colored pencil & graphite on drafting film, suspended from ceiling

Dimensions: 10’W x 8’H x 12’D

Image Statement: “She” is an immersive installation rendered with colored pencil on hand cut drafting film. Created during the early days of the COVID pandemic lockdown, this work explores pre-Christian spirituality. The intense patterning of “She” reflects a celebration of life and of the resistance to limitations and norms. It is also a prayer for revolt against the limiting notions of beauty and body size. Bright, rich, and excessive, these colors reflect her hunger to embrace life’s full potential. Through this piece, I sought to celebrate all that is feminine and strong in me. It is a celebration of what I am, exactly the way I am vs. a shrinking away from myself. As I worked, I felt a kind of energy flow into me as if I was literally “drawing” down the energy or cultivating it in the work. Art for me is a lifesaving and life affirming action, which seems even more critical now than ever.