Thought Blizzard – Mary Janes

Thought Blizzard – Mary Janes

Artist: Jodi Colella

Title: Thought Blizzard – Mary Janes

Attribution: Thought Blizzard - Mary Janes

Year: 2020

Materials: Found porcelain figure, linen thread

Dimensions: 4x3x3 inches

Image Statement: The first of what became a series of Mary Janes sculptures. Larger expressions from the Mary Jane collection - sculptures inspired by the cultural pressures felt by many, but particularly women, whose stifling restrictions permeate into all the physical spaces of their world. Nostaligic and kitsch they capture the grotesqueness of the material culture and repressive time in history for women. Mary Janes are symbols of 'good girls' and the stifling expectations and stifling of girls and women.