Womb of the Nation

Womb of the Nation

Artist: Andrea Finch

Title: Womb of the Nation

Attribution: Womb of the Nation 2021 Andrea Finch

Year: 2021

Materials: Cotton textile & thread

Dimensions: 24" wide x 18" long

Image Statement: Tears in the fabric, tears on the fabric, frayed edges, on the fringe. As I studied maps and started drawing the design for a work about the Washington D.C. area, I realized the one constant was the waterways. Waterways took on the female form. Washington was designed to be the foundation for the Nation for all, but men have used it to benefit those who already have the power. The convergence of the Potomac & Anacostia Rivers drains away life in self-interest. Can the waters wash away the hate & greed and give life to a country where all are given a chance to live?