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5 Day Deconstructed Screen Print with Kerr Grabowski

We will cover oh so much in our five days; plan to be completely, but happily, exhausted and full of new ideas at the end.
Create Fabrics full of Depth and Personal Imagery- Deconstructed Screen-Printing and More
What is:
Deconstructed screenprinting: technique Kerr developed using simple removable textures such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, various leaves, and other low relief textures. The screen is placed on the texture(any textured surface ie. wrinkly paper), and a preliminary print is pulled, transferring the texture to the screen. The dye is left in the screen to dry, a textured object is removed and a screen is printed using sodium alginate(dye thickener) to release the dye.

As the dye becomes wetter, more dye is released onto the fabric allowing for a series of up to six monoprints.

The technique is very simple, the results can be breathtaking in their beauty and complexity.

No previous experience is required.


Date(s): 03/11/2019 to 03/15/2019

Cost: $660.00




Aya Fiber Studio
STUART, Florida United States