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A Materials Exploration: The Cochineal Insect with Maestro Porfirio Gutierrez

In this special workshop, Maestro Porfirio Gutierrez will lead participants through a materials exploration of the cochineal insect. The Cochineal Insect is a small scale insect, known for its red pigment in ancient Indigenous Mexico. Participants will explore the alchemy of the cochineal insect as it lies at the intersection of ancient science and craft. The group will study how the color relates to PH levels and shifts accordingly, how to mordent and create various hues with the same pigment, and how to create secondary hues by over-dyeing. Maestro Porfirio always teaches from his spiritual understanding about the color red, nature and its relation to traditional medicine, healing, and ceremonies. He’ll expand on the sacred meanings of the color red used in his community’s precessions and traditions, his journey on revitalizing the ancestral Zapotec natural dyeing technique, and what history the insect holds. His workshops are for all skill-levels and are intentionally slow paced to ensure participants understand the culture behind the craft and build a strong foundation in their practice.


Date(s): 08/12/2023 to 08/13/2023

Cost: 485.00



Peters Valley School of Craft
Layton, New Jersey United States