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Acclaim! Work by Award-Winning International Artists

Humans love to rank things. It’s instinctive. We choose first place, best-in-show, and identify the MVP and the GOAT in sports, schools, dogs, wines and more. The art world is no different. There are competitions and awards of various kinds.

The 45+ artists in our Spring exhibition, Acclaim! Work by Award-Winning International Artists, like the others that we work with at browngrotta arts, have had their work acquired by museums and recognized by collectors. In addition, each of these artists have achieved formal art acknowledgement in the form of an award or medal or exclusive membership. Some of them have achieved more than one such commendation.

In the US, that may mean the award of a Gold Medal from the American Craft Council — 10 of the artists in Acclaim! belong to that group. In Canada, it means membership in the Royal Canadian Academy of the Arts, which three of our artists have achieved. The late-master weaver Peter Collingwood, an artist whose work appears in this exhibition, received an OBE, Order of the British Empire. Yeonsoon Chang of Korea was selected Artist of the Year, by the Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul. In France, Simone Pheulpin was awarded the Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris. Grethe Sørensen of Denmark and Agneta Hobin of Finland received the Nordic Award in Textiles; Sheila Hicks of the US, the French Legion of Honor.

Achieving recognition
Receiving an award can provide important affirmation for an artist. “There are no other large prizes in the UK for artists working in this medium,” says Jo Barker, winner of the Cordis Prize. “So what winning mostly felt like to me was a real validation of the career that I’ve had so far.” Such recognition can influence the direction of an artist’s work. For Grethe Sørensen, winning the Nordic Textile Award was for her digitally controlled weaving work, encouraged her to continue in that direction. Once selected as Artist of the Year by the Contemporary Art Museum in Seoul, KR, Yeonsoon Chang saw her textile work in the broader scope of contemporary art. “Objective recognition gave me courage to work and a sense of responsibility,” she says. For Chang, the award also meant expanded interest in Chang’s work from museums, galleries, and collectors.

Artist List |
Adela Akers (United States) Jo Barker (United Kingdom) Dorothy Gill Barnes (United States) James Bassler (United States) Micheline Beauchemin (Canada) Marian Bijlenga (the Netherlands) Wendell Castle (United States) Peter Collingwood (UK) Lia Cook (United States) Dominick Di Mare (United States) John Garrett (United States) Mary Giles (United States) Françoise Grossen (Switerland/United States) Helena Hernmarck (Sweden/United States) Sheila Hicks (United States) Agneta Hobin (Finland) Thomas Hucker (United States) Esmé Hofman (The Netherlands) Ferne Jacobs (United States) Glen Kaufman (United States) Anneke Klein(the Netherlands) Lewis Knauss (United States) Gerhardt Knodel (United States) Nancy Koenigsberg (United States) Irina Kolesnikova (Germany) Gyöngy Laky (United States) Dawn MacNutt (Canada) John McQueen (United States) Rebecca Medel (United States) Norma Minkowitz (United States) Laura Foster Nicholson (United States) Simone Pheulpin (France) Ed Rossbach (United States) Mariette Rousseau-Vermette (Canada) Jane Sauer (United States) Cynthia Schira (United States) Warren Seelig (United States) Kay Sekimachi (United States) Carol Shaw-Sutton (United States) Sherri Smith (United States) Grethe Sørensen (Denmark) Ethel Stein (United States) Lenore Tawney (United States) Mercedes Vicente (Spain) Ulla-Maija Vikman (Finland) Katherine Westphal (United States) Merja Winqvist (Finland) Chang Yeonsoon (Korea) Jiro Yonezawa (Japan) Carolina Yrarrázaval (Chile)


Date(s): 04/29/2023 to 05/07/2023

Cost: Free Admission




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