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Advanced Methods in Handmade Felt: Amplified Forms with Kristy Kun

Felting is a water and energy intense process of tangling wool fibers into a dense textile. There is much to explore with the medium with the addition of plant-based fabrics and creative approaches to construction methods. In earlier workshops, we have used construction methods where design and layout are paramount to the texture in the finished work. With the Amplified series, I have developed a method of constructing layouts that, when felted, seamlessly shape and transform into a third dimension… Where the textile is sculpted in the final stages, rather than in the construction and layout stage.

Join me for the first workshop exploring these new techniques. We will spend time observing the movement of the textiles in water, as they float and undulate within our hands, and capture the movement in our finished sculptures. The techniques include needle-felting dense wool into lightweight fabrics, working with jigs for spacing, wet felting, refined surface finishing, sculpting, and mounting. We will also explore the creation of a solid backed artwork (from the Texture Techniques with Needled Wool workshops) using these new organic layout techniques, and discuss further applications to many surface-design challenges in felting.


Date(s): 05/08/2020 to 05/10/2020

Cost: $360 ($324 for Mendocino Art Center members)



Mendocino Art Center
Mendocino, California United States