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Ann B. Coddington, Studio Tour

Textile Arts Los Angeles offers behind-the-scenes looks at artists in their studio, talking about their body of work. IN may, we welcome Ann B Coddington.

My artwork borrows the technique twining from the traditional craft of basketry to create a sculptural expression of my beliefs and experiences and how they are sensed by the body. I am intrigued by the process of and differences between feeling and knowing; body and mind. Ineffable memories held by the body are more potent, penetrating and enduring than those in the mind. My forms are actuated by this somatic memory in conjunction with an investigation of the dichotomies: eternal and ephemeral, strength and fragility, masculine and feminine, free and captive, old and young, living and dead.


Date(s): 05/14/2021

Cost: $10 public, free to members



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Textile Arts Los Angeles, Zoom
Culver City, California United States