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CALL: Textile Month Los Angeles Programming

We are preparing for our 3rd annual Textile Month Los Angeles! This call is open to everyone, regardless of geographic location.

We are looking for talks, workshops, exhibits, performances, projects, and collaborations that celebrate the richness and depth of textiles and textile practices throughout Southern California.

We are arranging a series of talks on the theme Tricksters & Transformation. This concept asks us to consider the role of the artist in making something anew: a transformed practice, relationship with material, role in a community, sense of self, and/or ultimately co-creating a new way of being in the world. Current social, economic, environmental, and political forces have certainly signaled that our ways of being must change. The artist often serves the role of Trickster, the agent of change, the boundary crosser, the maker of new definitions.

If these concepts inspire you, you are welcome to submit along these lines. We also welcome content that celebrates and uplifts textile as fine art or craft, with an entrepreneurial focus, textile as fashion or costume, textiles in the architectural and design trades.

We welcome submissions from individuals, artists, curators, researchers, performers, explorers, retail businesses, schools, and institutions. More info is available on our website, link below.


Date(s): 06/27/2021 to 08/15/2021

Cost: Free or $100 members/$125 non-members, see website




Los Angeles / So Cal / virtual
Los Angeles / So Cal / virtual, California United States