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Come Print with Sharon Sorken- Florida Style; Using Mordants, Modifiers and multiple blankets

Come to Florida and create beautiful botanical prints with Sharon Sorken at the Aya Fiber Studio.

Sharon is known for her experimental uses of Mordants, modifiers and using multiple blankets to achieve her beautiful clear botanical prints. Come work along side of Sharon and learn her techniques and how she is getting such gorgeous color and prints.

As an added bonus; we will be printing clothing during this workshop

We will be using several different mordants; Alum, AA. PO and even some Copper.

These salts will be used in minimal amounts! You will be surprised how small of an amount it takes. We will also have modifiers and Sharon will show you how she obtains variations in color using them.

Come with a stash of your favorite fabrics; enough to keep printing for 4 days; we will have multiple LARGE steam pots going; so the sky is the limit! don’t forget blanket materials. You might want to pre-mordant a few pieces so you can get going right away. If you want you can send packages via USPS ahead of time and I will hold them for you.

As for Dyes, we will have Madder, Logwood, Weld, Brazilwood, Osage and Chestnut to choose from. An Indigo vat will also be available

Come willing to experiment and create samples you can use at home to recreate your work. Bring your ideas to share as we all learn from each other.


Date(s): 10/28/2020 to 10/31/2020

Cost: $625




Aya Fiber Studio
STUART, Florida United States