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Displaced, with Jiseon Lee Isbara

Jiseon Lee Isbara will speak about her inquiries addressed in her work and the use of visual languages and processes developed over time to communicate her concepts and emotions. Her work mirrors her life and its complexities of a displaced person in two countries: conversant in the language and culture of both places, but not considered a full-fledged member of either one. Through her work, she embodies two cultures, times and identities colliding and merging together.

Jiseon Lee Isbara is an artist and educator who serves as the Provost at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA. She exhibits nationally, engages with viewers through lectures and discussions, and collaborates with and contributes to the community by serving as various roles for regional and national art and education organizations. Amplified by her experience as a first-generation immigrant, she engages with socially and culturally charged dialogue through the accumulated aesthetics, materials and processes she has garnered as an emigrant from her native culture. Through her artwork, Jiseon questions the congruity around her emotions and cultural topics around her. Jiseon earned her MFA in Fibers, one from Colorado State University and one from Ewha Woman’s University, Seoul, South Korea. She is Professor and Dean of Academic Affairs at Oregon College of Art and Craft.


Date(s): 03/17/2021

Cost: $20 public; $10 members




Textile Arts Los Angeles
Los Angeles, California United States