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Dyeing with Tannin & Iron with Rio Wrenn

Tannin and Iron

Three day intensive

Rio Wrenn – R A W Textiles

This workshop intensive explores techniques developed by Rio and inspired by the ancient craft of Kalamakari from India. By using natural fibers such as silk and basic elements such as iron and various tannins we will explore the magic of printing and dyeing.

This is a natural and ecological method that is quick in its results and has low impact on our environment.

During the workshop you will be introduced to the history of Kalamakari and use of iron in dyeing over the centuries. Rio will show you how to make your own rust bath from iron bits and an alternative bath with Ferrous Sulfate crystals. Next she will introduce tannins in the form of harvested plants and concentrate powders. We will create several different dye baths to cross pollinate the iron and tannin samples. For day two we will create a soy milk bath from fresh soy beans. This will be used to create resist, and color shifts while we print and dye a new set of samples with the tannin and iron baths. Printing with iron will be introduced as well as the ancient method of shibori in order to create pattern and texture from the new processes you have learned. For day three we will continue to develop a language with pattern and printing from the iron and tannin baths plus any and all of the techniques you have learned thus far. The focus will be more about how to expand our samples and in what ways this process can be integrated into your personal practice. At the end of the workshop you will have numerous silk and cotton swatch samples of color and prints as well as several larger silk or cotton panels of finished pieces.


Date(s): 08/19/2020 to 08/21/2020

Cost: $520



Aya Fiber Studio
STUART, Florida United States