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Geometricity 3.0

Ruth Tabancay’s solo exhibition, ‘Geometricity 3.0,’ continues her work based on Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometric forms. Her interest in geometry harks back to childhood when she puzzled over the patterns of hexagonal tiles on her grandmother’s bathroom floor. The cast sugar installation, ‘120°,’ incorporates hexagons and equilateral triangles. Hexagonal symmetries, with attention to hue, value, rhythm, and negative space, are created. The installation will develop over the first two weeks of the exhibition as she assemble the tiles during gallery hours. ‘Garden Variations,’ uses the hexagon grid as a base for hand-stitched round tea bags. ‘Quadrilateral’ is a series of hand-stitched fabrics with dimensional designs based on a square grid. In three versions, four-sided figures such as the rhomboid and the rectangle, are inserted into the grid to disrupt the regularity of pattern. Non-Euclidean geometry is illustrated in ‘Hyperbolic Space.’ Characterized by constant negative curvature, these hyperbolic geometric forms are crocheted models for hyperbolic planes and pseudospheres.

Reception: Saturday, August 10, 4-6 pm. Artist talk 4:30 pm
Mercury 20
475 25th Street
Oakland, California 94612


Date(s): 08/01/2019 to 09/07/2019

Cost: Free




Mercury 20
Oakland, California United States