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Jan R Carson: Illuminated Works

This solo exhibition features sixteen large-scale works in silk, sewn in repetitive cycles of cutting and stitching. Presented on light box substrates, the darkened seams and illuminated colors reference both Korean bojagi and stained glass.

Using her own body’s outline within patterned, nonrepresentational environments, Carson depicts narratives of alienation, invisibility, and powerlessness in a world of mystical and rational conflict.

Carson writes, “I utilize light in my work for its inescapable presence and established psychological meanings. Light is an essential aspect of nature and our existence. It is metaphorically linked with purity, knowledge, and the divine, yet I feel it also infiltrates our darker moments, painful periods of growth, and journeys of transformation.”


Date(s): 07/30/2021 to 10/10/2021

Cost: Free




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Foothills Art Center
Golden, Colorado United States