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Natural Dye: A Focus on Protein Fibers with Catharine Ellis

This workshop will focus on the best practices for mordanting and dyeing protein fabrics and fibers, including both wool and silk. Purchased dyestuffs and extracts will be used as well as some locally grown plants. There will be discussion on dye selection and methods of testing dyes for longevity.

Students will work with both mordant dyes and natural dyes that can be treated as acid dyes without the use of mordants. There will also be experiments with middle mordanting on silk, color mixing, and color gradations. A natural indigo vat will be used to complete the palette of color.

Emphasis will be placed on experimentation, process, and accurate record keeping. Each student will build a notebook of samples and processes for future reference and use. Small individual projects may be dyed at the end of the week if time permits.

The workshop is complete on its own or can be combined with Natural Dye: A Focus on Cellulose Fibers and Printing for a more comprehensive overview of the natural dye practice.


Date(s): 08/08/2022 to 08/12/2022

Cost: $550



Sanborn Mills Farm
Loudon, New Hampshire United States