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« Places and names »

“Places and names” is a graceful textile installation that the American artist René D. Shoemaker arranges together for the first time as a link between her native country and the Creuse of her adoption.

The evidence of a necessary simplicity in the relationship between the positioning of the artwork, and the identity that each one carries in subtle chromatism and gentle irony, is the quest for a line by which this specialist of silk for forty year traces a discreet path like a silent and sagacious memory walk.

If “Places and names” questions our ambulatory condition with gaiety and modesty, its presence on our walls until the end of the current year welcomes you to experience this provocative installation.

[René D. Shoemaker – “Porch” (2015, 120inx48in), “River” (2018, 83inx32in)and “Bridge” (2015, 120inx48in)


Date(s): 10/15/2022 to 12/31/2022

Cost: $0.00

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Galerie des Marches
Aubusson France