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Sculpture & Acrylic Online

Think beyond the flat surface, move into the next dimension! Learn how GOLDEN Acrylic products can be used to create 3D sculptural forms or simply add more dimension within your flat work. This class will cover a range of techniques including the manipulation of fiber, textiles & paper, creating dimensional acrylic skins, acrylic mold casting & how to create structural supports. Discover a range of new techniques, methods & products that can be used to create your own unique forms. Acrylic offers a multitude of options that will create awe-inspiring effects no matter how you work as an artist!

FEB 20, 1-4
Contact for registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/online-sculpture-acrylic-tickets-128798464675
Fee: $60


Date(s): 02/20/2021

Cost: $60



De Pirro Art Workshops (Hosting)
Allyn, Washington United States