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SDA NY/NJ: Presentation “Wild Weaving” by Stacy Bogdonoff & Howard Ptaszek

Stacy Bogdonoff and Howard Ptaszek have never met and know of each other only through Instagram images. Yet their art shares some similar impulses and both bodies of work relate strongly to the other.

They’re both clearly material and process artists. Stacy works with wire, paper, stained warps, lacquer, handwoven hemp, and recently, facemasks. Howard has used EL wire (electroluminescent), vinyl, steel, rubber, and glass in recent pieces. They seem to shop the same stretch of Canal Street and may have passed each other in the aisles of a Home Depot.

They both begin with the grid and then confidently leave it. Stacy weaves and stitches on a frame and then lifts the work off to form art that refers to themes of home and shelter. Howard takes his diverse materials and uses the grid to break down its strength and obvious characteristics. His grids become boxes, fragile and disintegrating fabric, and cages that hold plastic toy soldiers captive.

There is an art ecosystem where unknown artists work alone but where their art speaks to each other and takes nourishment and clues from just time and proximity. Bogdonoff and Ptaszek seem to have found that place.

Please contact Rachael Dorr for the zoom meeting link. (Rachael_dorr@yahoo.com)


Date(s): 04/22/2021


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Bronxville, New York United States