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Sha Sha Higby in ” Clouds of Crows”

Clouds of Crows
“CLOUDS OF CROWS” A symbolic plight of the birds in the sky, We need to protect our fellow species of bird,fish, and insect to assure our own future. Every year people can enjoy more new decorative extensions to Sha Sha’s sculptural outfits.

Sha Sha Higby
Sha Sha Higby is known internationally for her evocative and haunting performances, using the exquisite and ephemeral body sculpture she creates and moves within. It is a metaphorically rich and intimate journey in elaborate multi-layered costume of textures. The unfolding spectacle creates a path in which movement and stillness meet. Shreds of memory lace into a drama of a thousand intricate pieces, slowly moving, stirring our memory toward a sense of patience and timelessness.


Date(s): 10/23/2021

Cost: $16-$20



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Sha Sha Higby
Bolinas CA, California United States