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Stitching Stories: Textiles in Conversation

A House Divided 2011
I knit this piece as a response to what I saw as the inability of Congress to act because of partisan bickering…all tied up, as it were. This, of course, has only gotten worse in the intervening years.

Then in a project called Lobby Congress with Art, I printed the image on postcards and sent them to all members of Congress and the White House. Both the image and the wording were a plea to stop the partisan bickering and get to work on behalf of the People. The postcard read:

We The People
Respectfully demand that You Stop
tying the Country up in knots
and attend to knitting together
a national fabric of Domestic Tranquility
for a more Perfect Union.


Date(s): 09/23/2022 to 09/04/2023



Lexington Historical Society
Lexington, Massachusetts United States