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Sympoeisis: Making With

The Southern California Fibershed is hosting our first exhibition, exploring how one of humanity’s oldest craft and industrial forms­––the making of clothing––has shaped our relationship to the land, our bodies, and each other.

For thousands of years, people have transformed animal- and plant-based fiber to craft garments that clothed and protected their bodies, offered decoration, and ultimately engendered a radical and disruptive transformation of the earth, cultures, and economies. Many of us recognize fashion as aspirational, highly profitable, and innovative, yet clothing’s humble origins, necessity, and profound implications for our wellbeing and that of the earth is under-appreciated, and often feels mysterious. Fiber-based work embodies generations of cultural skills and concepts; our disconnections from the sources of the material we wear and the knowledge of how that material is transformed is a rupture of our natural relationships to the earth and each other.

This intimate exhibit is designed as a journey through local ecosystems and craft traditions, drawing connections between soil, plant, animal, work, hand, and body.


Date(s): 02/25/2023 to 04/08/2023

Cost: free



Studio 203
Los Angeles, California United States