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The Chorus

A solo show of new weavings by Joanna Rogers, The Chorus consists of a series of weavings, each containing its own morse code message. These create an abstracted Analytical Engine programmed to transform the past into the present and to translate the future into cryptic Cassandrian prophesies. The weavings are approximately 15 feet long and between 12 and 18 inches wide. When displayed they hang down like banners or scrolls pooling onto plinths, resembling sunlight streaming through stained glass windows. They are a visual representation of the Chorus in a Greek tragedy, providing a repetitious running commentary on the fate of our endangered species and, ultimately, on ourselves.

Image caption: Joanna Rogers. Save Our Souls. 2021. 18″ x 15′.


Date(s): 02/23/2023 to 04/20/2023

Cost: free



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