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The NO!Hate Show

Opening reception, Wednesday 10/16, 6-8 pm.
This exhibition was motivated by Martin Pearl’s lonely vigil, standing, as he does, two or three hours every day, in front of the White House with a placard reading “Hate won’t make America great.”
It was motivated by the No!Art movement, which Boris Lurie co-founded in 1960 in New York to protest the commercialization of Art; threat of nuclear war at the height of the Cold War; and the pretentions and hypocrisy of American society in the ‘50s, that inspired the title for this exhibition.
And it was motivated by the impact of Jerzy Janiszewski’s logo for Lech Walesa’s Solidarity movement in Poland in 1980, which became the symbol of freedom from Russian domination and communism in Poland and throughout Central Europe in 1989, that made us think that We the People could use a symbol to rally around now.

Image: Bonnie Peterson, Mr Brexit, 14″ H x 14″ W. Embroidery on brocade, velvet and vintage textile. A currency graph from pre and post UK Brexit vote is paired with Trump’s words.


Date(s): 10/16/2019 to 12/01/2019



Center for Contemporary Political Art
Washington, District of Columbia United States