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The Spirit of Art: Color with Mary Zicafoose

This intensive color study workshop is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and intuitive use of color through a selection of 14 progressive self-paced studies, based on the lifelong observations and teachings of the famed Bauhaus artist & colorist Josef Albers.

Albers has been credited with revolutionizing contemporary artists assessment of color. He simplified the rigid scientific concepts of color and stressed the importance of learning to depend upon one’s own sense of sight. His discoveries culminated in his classic treatise on color, The Interaction of Color, published in1963, while he was teaching at Yale. Albers was obsessed with understanding the peculiarities of color, referring to it as a relative sensation, which he illustrated in thousands of paintings, serigraphs and color studies based on the square, created over a lifetime. His take-away message was that no color stands purely alone uninfluenced by its surroundings, the appearance of a color at any given time and location is conditioned by many, many factors.

Each participant in this workshop will create a personal color reference journal using striking and visually opulent Color-aid coated papers in 314 swatches, which include 24 hues, dark shades, light shades, and 17 grays.

Color work requires focus, attention to detail, and reflection. It is important that attendees approach the building of exercises with precision. Color differentiations will be seen and understood more clearly if individuals are prepared to work thoughtfully and with care.

This workshop is an inspiring & unusual opportunity to refine your color skills specifically as they apply to your art and your personal point of view. An important part of the class experience is the collective sharing of the discoveries revealed by the studies. Color exercises that specifically relate to fibers and handweaving will also be included.


Date(s): 06/17/2022 to 06/19/2022

Cost: $350



Sanborn Mills Farm
Loudon, New Hampshire United States