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The Violet Protest – national public art participation opportunity

The Violet Protest is a public effort to send 50 hand-made ​textile squares to each and every member of Congress in support of these core American values:

​• Civility and Respect • Citizenship • Compromise • Country over party and corporate influence
• Courage • Candor • Compassion • Creativity

Whether we knit, crochet, quilt, or embroider all 26,750 of these squares — through this social action, and from every corner of America; we as makers of all political persuasions, believe we can employ our willing spirit and our talents to contribute to healing divisions that threaten our country. ​This collection of textile squares will be first displayed at Phoenix Art Museum, Fall 2020, before they are sent to the new 117th Congress in 2021.

Focused on the values we hold dear as Americans, rather ​than any political beliefs, the color violet symbolizes the literal combination of red and blue, long held as symbols of our nation’s differing ideologies. Our common goal is to send a physical message of friendly protest through this colossal visual expression to demonstrate that if we as citizens are ​willing ​to come together, so then must our elected officials.


Date(s): 01/15/2020 to 08/15/2020

Cost: No entry fee




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Phoenix Art Museum/US Congress
Phoenix, Arizona United States