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Traditional Yoruba Batik, Adire Eleko & Tie-dye with Indigo Workshop

Instructor: Gasali Adeyemo
Learn the traditional Nigerian dyeing and printing techniques of Batik, Adire Eleko and Tie-Dye. Batik is the process of creating designs using wax. The wax can be applied to the fabric using wood stamps, stencils, or foam rubber. Discover the history and use of Indigo dye to create stunning pieces with practices that include wax, yucca paste resist, raffia and other methods. Participants will learn the personal history, culture and meaning behind the designs being taught for a well-rounded understanding and experience.


Date(s): 06/24/2022 to 06/28/2022

Cost: 705.00


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Peters Valley School of Craft
Layton, New Jersey United States