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Using Beauty and Textiles to Look at Hard Environmental Realities

How do we respond to a situation as troubling as climate change? What will inspire us to change our behavior? Artist Linda Gass makes artwork using beauty to encourage people to look at the hard environmental issues we face. Working in textile, glass and installation art, Linda’s artwork addresses the relationship between humans and the water and land that sustain them. Her work explores how landscapes change over time focusing on those places where destruction and renewal, wounding and healing, absence and presence overlap.

Join Linda for a photographic journey to the places that inspire her artwork, from wilderness to significant evidence of climate change. She will share her artwork made in response to her explorations and research, as well as how her artwork is made from concept to finished object.

Caption: Linda Gass, Some day there may be no more snow, ©2019 56” h x 90” w x 1¼” d


Date(s): 06/04/2022

Cost: $5




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de Young Museum, Koret Auditorium
San Francisco, California United States