Seen and Imagined Juried Exhibition

February 7, 2023 5:17 pm

Seen & Imagined Juried Exhibition at Gallery Route One. 2/18/23-3/18/23. Juror: Jeremy P.H. Morgan (Lucid Arts Foundation). 82 artists show a variety of work in every medium, coordinated by Will Thoms. Renée Owen has 1 new piece in the show. Join us on: *Sat., 2/18/23 (3-5pm) — Opening Reception & Awards. 11101 Highway 1, Pt …

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And We’re Off! by Pro Arts Jersey City

February 7, 2023 1:44 pm

Pro Arts Jersey City is a professional membership community dedicated to advancing and promoting visual artists and their work. Volunteering and community-building are key components of the Pro Arts non-profit 501(c)(3) model established in 1994. Pro Arts is comprised of roughly 200 emerging and professional artists living and working throughout New Jersey and New York …

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Through The Eye of the Needle

February 6, 2023 10:31 am

Cultural Diversity Embedded In The Warp & Woof of the Artists’ Works Sewing, weaving, braiding, knotting… In this exhibition the enormity and disparateness of culture is integrated into the warp and woof of the artists diverse creations. Using stitchery, macramé, weaving, integrating shards of pottery, found objects and recyclables, bottle caps and shells of the …

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Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber

February 1, 2023 11:18 am

The artwork in Labor of Life: Textiles + Fiber showcases the diverse techniques that encompass the world of textiles. From intricate tapestry weaving to paper sculpture, the exhibit hopes to engage the viewer in possibilities. Artists are using traditional techniques to speak of contemporary subject matters while others are using new innovations within textiles, pushing …

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Interconnected: A Fiber Show

January 24, 2023 10:19 am

Artists have used FIBER in art physically and conceptually in various ways over the years. This exhibition invited artists to explore the possibilities of FIBER through various media and styles. Artists put their own spin on FIBER, redefining it, exploring it, and creating works that allow the viewer to experience it in new ways. Ann …

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Soft Associations

January 22, 2023 12:49 pm

Fiber artists Meredith Grimsley and Paula Swett have curated this special fiber art exhibition, Soft Associations. Artists in this show explore the meaning of soft associations: defined as the moment of awe in our relationship with nature – the moments that take our breath away. Soft Associations will be on display in the Olewine Gallery …

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Under Water Exhibition

January 19, 2023 10:17 am

“Under Water” explores the rich undercurrents in the water around us. Artists address diverse topics around water—what is in our water, how much we consume, how climate change has impacted water, how humans have sought to control water sources and to what effect, and the symbolic role of water in moving people literally and metaphorically. …

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Surface Tension

January 17, 2023 11:28 am

Karin Birch will be presenting new work in a solo exhibition entitled ” Surface Tension”. Working in a hybrid medium combining hand embroidery, beadwork and painting, she creates mesmerizingly detailed abstractions about mystery and things falling apart. Tumbling Down, hand embroidery, beadwork and paint, 20″ x 20&#8243…

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Stirring + Layering

January 17, 2023 10:31 am

Boston Sculptors Gallery presents Stirring + Layering, celebrating the innovative and ambitious work of our fourteen Associate Artists in this annual group show. The work features physical and conceptual layering and the stirring together of diverse materials and narratives. While the act of stirring can combine ingredients into a whole, it can also be used …

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