M(eat) You Tomorrow, 2022, Leisa Rich


SDA Meetups connect individuals from around the globe in virtual groups based on disciplines and/or shared interests. Makers from all backgrounds and experience levels are valuable participants, and joining in a Meetup is a great way to make a positive impact by connecting with the SDA community.
Check out the seven topics and times available for these free casual, Zoom-based Fall 2023 sessions

Our Spring 2024 Meetups are full. Please check back in late summer for our Fall lineup.

HOW IT WORKS: Meetups are open to all current SDA members. The same group of participants will be meeting together over the three months, and group sizes will vary between Meetups. Meetup group sizes are limited in order to provide a comfortable size range for discussion-based meetings. Once a Meetup’s size limit is reached, registration will be closed for that Meetup. Members may register for one Meetup group per season. Members are invited to sign up for the one Meetup group that most interests them and fits their schedule for the meeting times.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Please see the FAQ section below or contact SDA’s Group Coordinator, Kelsey Leib at kelsey@surfacedesign.org.

Each Meetup has three one-hour long sessions, one session per month for three consecutive months.

Meetups are most successful when all attend due to the limited registration. Though it is preferable for each participant to attend every meeting, it’s foreseeable that unforeseen absences can occur. Please consider your schedule before registering for a Meetup, as spaces are limited.

You can email SDA’s Group Coordinator, Valarie Poitier at valarie@surfacedesign.org.

Yes! Contact SDA’s Group Coordinator, Valarie Poitier at valarie@surfacedesign.org.¬†SDA Meetup facilitators receive resources and support to structure their meetings, while remaining self-guided and flexible based on each Meetup group’s unique dynamic.
More questions? Feel free to contact SDA’s Group Coordinator, Valarie Poitier at valarie@surfacedesign.org.