Quo Vadis, 2013, Eszter Bornemisza

Afterlives - SDA's Spring 2023 Selections Online Exhibition


Nonbinary-presenting person with white skin, short light brown hair, and tortoiseshell glasses. They are wearing a green and brown check blazer and pumpkin-colored button-up shirt. They look into the camera with a serious and quizzical expression.

Destini Ross

Destini Ross (she/they) is a museum educator, photographer, and art historian working between Bloomington, IN, and Williamstown, MA. Ross’s research investigates the systemic structures and social forces that shape artistic production and circulation, particularly through critical attention to race, gender, and class. Across her research and artistic practice, Ross prioritizes questions of consent, power, and subjectivity. Raised in Indianapolis, Ross earned a BA in Art History and a BFA in Studio Art with a specialization in photography from Indiana University in 2021. As of Fall 2022, Ross is a member of the Williams College and Clark Art Institute Graduate Program in the History of Art, Master of Arts Class of 2024.


Afterlives, our Spring 2023 Selections Online Exhibition, features artists who consider an artwork’s lifespan before and beyond the moment of creation. Whether material or conceptual, their artistic transformations foreground lived experiences including migration, childhood, disability, and climate anxiety. These artists pull us in close and invite us to connect through shared identities or empathize with those outside our own. – Destini Ross, Guest Curator



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