Susanna Bauer "Moon XXX" detail

Online Exhibitions

Our Online Exhibitions feature the work of the Surface Design Association member community. This rotating exhibition invites an SDA member or group to curate an exhibition around a theme or topic.

Summer 2020 Theme: ARCHIVE

The online ARCHIVE exhibition will serve as a window for future generations to peer into the monumental year, 2020: to experience human and non-human stories told through abstract or representational narratives and explore diverse surface design techniques which illustrate contemporary history and culture. Every object has its own cultural history, as does each artist and craftsperson. The textiles preserved within households and museums tell unique stories of identity and place with color, pattern, technique, subject and of course, material.  It is our responsibility as makers to share our perspective, while imagining the future we wish to create.

All materials and techniques which utilize fibrous processes are welcome. Great attention will be paid to the authenticity of voice each object represents.

Curated by Shannon Molter
Shannon is a fiber artist engaging found materials whose histories span cultures. Her work employs traditional craft techniques to build conceptual garments and objects, generate participatory situations and collaborative installations, as well as design functional goods. She has exhibited and taught throughout the Midwest, internationally and is currently serving her tenth year at the Milwaukee Art Museum where she engages community and encourages the next generation of artists as the Associate Educator of Teen Programs.

Images eligible for consideration will be selected from the Premium Member Gallery.

Deadline to Upload Images July 10, 2020

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