Lilla Rosenberg, Forested Foliage Collection, 2022

Outstanding Students 2023

Each spring, instructors nominate students for SDA’s Outstanding Student Award. Awardees have demonstrated excellence in fiber arts. The work of these artists embodied inventive and innovative use of technique, materials and concepts not only in fibers and textiles, but in printmaking, sculpture, and more. It is an honor for the Education Committee to be able to see student work, review it, and learn more about the personal and societal issues they are tackling through their work. We will be spotlighting OSA students over the next four weeks, please feel free to follow them and support their art practices. Congratulations to all 36 awardees!

Students to be Featured in Fall Journal
Outstanding Students 2023

Students to be Featured in Fall Journal

This year, SDA’s Education Committee selected three exemplary awardees to feature in the Fall Journal:

Aaron McMullin
Emily Chase
Xavier Byrdlee

Aaron McMullin (MFA Studio Art, Fibers Graduate  – Southern Illinois University)

The Legacy of White Supremacy, 2023

I use cotton to contest the myth that white women are pure and society’s moral ideal. White lace references white fragility. Dirt from a cotton field in Montgomery clings to the hem of the skirt. Fading images of Indian cotton farmers depict the ever-present disconnect between consumers and farmers. | @aaronrosestudio

Emily Chase (MFA Studio Art, Fibers Graduate – Indiana University Bloomington)
What Remains, 2023

What Remains investigates the tenuousness of memory and makes tangible the invisible processes of grief, chronic illness, and healing. In the moment of loss we look at what remains and reconstruct in our minds what is gone; the active (re)building of memory, imperfect and painful as it may be.@inkstandstudio

Xavier Byrdlee (Undergraduate, Printmaking – University of North Texas

I’ve Nothing Left to Give You, 2023.

In this piece I focus on representing emotional turmoil and feelings of abandonment. The laser engraving burns the surface away to reveal the text “like I meant nothing at all,” which is telling of the emotional state of the figure.



Outstanding Students 2023