Danielle Bodine, "CV19 Munchers to the Rescue", 2020

Surfacing - Washington Regional Online Exhibition

October-November 2021

Surfacing features art by Washington SDA artists. While this past year of social isolation has been challenging, many of us have continued making art, often creating pieces that reflect a period that forced all of us to confront personal feelings and global issues in an unprecedented way.  Now, we are finally beginning to surface. Yet the pandemic represents only one interpretation of Surfacing.  The word has a range of meanings, from calls for social change to personal reflection to looking at ourselves and the world in an entirely different way.  And nowhere are we better able to express what Surfacing means to each of us than in our artwork.

Watch Surfacing, WA SDA regional exhibition: Jurors & Artists in Conversation with jurors Gail Harker and Francesca Piñol, and eight of the participating artists: Evette Allerdings, Mary Arnold, Danielle Bodine, Barbara De Pirro, Lois Gaylord, Melisse Laing, Gabriela Nirino and Patricia Resseguie. Recorded on November 15, 2021.

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Juror Statements:

Gail Harker, (WA, USA)

The world of Fiber is magical. Unique sensibilities are expressed through it. Through the fingers of this exhibiting group, messages, moods and stories are conveyed – Each artist displays an intriguing way to Surface through Fiber. There is a wide range of techniques that include layering, dyeing, stitching, weaving and manipulation. It is such a joy to look deeply into each art piece to discover the mystery!

Francesca Piñol, (Barcelona, Spain)

Today’s art uses many languages ​​to express itself, textiles being one of them. The various works selected are a testament that today textile creation is recognized and is occupying the space it deserves-starting from an intimate and domestic space that goes public. This exhibition includes pieces made with different techniques and various materials, sometimes innovative, making up a diverse and current sample of textile creations, that go beyond traditional craft and become a means of artisanal and artistic expression.