Artist: Leisa Rich

Title: Aftermath

Attribution: Aftermath, 2019, Michael West

Year: 2019

Materials: Fosshape, resin, mixed media, thread, recycled detritus, acrylic, microbeads, flocking powder, fabrics

Dimensions: Variable. This view 15' X 12' X 24'

Image Statement: aftermath *period immediately after a usually ruinous event, i.e. in the aftermath of war in the pink *in very good health and spirits. *blooming, flourishing, thriving, vigorous, strong, lusty, robust, fit, in excellent shape There are some of us who are survivors. Throw one catastrophe after another at us, and still we persist. Life has tossed many medical challenges at me, most recently, severe facial Melanoma. American author and motivational speaker Regina Brett said, “When you hear the word 'cancer,' it's as if someone took the game of Life and tossed it in the air. All the pieces go flying. The pieces land on a new board. Everything has shifted. You don't know where to start.” In between surgeries and recovery, I relied on getting into the studio to work as my healing force.