Artist: Joan Diamond

Title: Tethered

Attribution: Tethered, 2019, Joan Diamond

Year: 2019

Materials: Clay mono-print; archival pigment print; monofilament, floss, silk and wax linen threads

Dimensions: 19"H x 37"W x 19"D

Image Statement: A web of barely visible threads straddles across all three images on the convex side. These threads are meant to be suggestive of the invisibilia (i.e., unseeable forces that shape our ideas, beliefs, and assumptions) which ties us to our place, our time, our loves. On the concave side this mixed media sculpture showcases clay mono prints. Until this print I had faithfully done as instructed: make three pulls of an image, decide the best, toss out the others (hence: the mono-print). This print caused a pause: why not celebrate the differences amongst them instead? Heavy stitching emphasizes these differences, yet does not abstract their relatedness.