Hot Mamma Apron

Hot Mamma Apron

Artist: Darlyn Susan Yee

Title: Hot Mamma Apron

Attribution: Hot Mamma Apron, 2012, Darlyn Susan Yee

Year: 2012

Materials: Crocheted Plastic Flagging Tape

Dimensions: 64 in h x 62 in w x 3 in d

Image Statement: Creating juxtaposition between industrial materials such as flagging tape used on construction sites with the homespun techniques such as knitting and crocheting, the choice of materials and the selection of a garish color palette are all intended to highlight the assumptions society makes about gender. The flagging tape unexpectedly provides the perfect gauge to create in the larger-scale I envisioned for this series. At the same time, the use of industrial materials challenged me to create my own crochet hooks and knitting needles to suit the scale and force compliance.